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I wonder if it would be helpful for more congregants to learn about how they *can* do the best that they can when they come to church with a lot of unprocessed trauma and grief. What does this journey look like? How does it feel different from the pastor's perspective (i.e., less burnout-y)? Is there a way to “onboard” new congregants to this spiritual journey – to empower them as partners in building a healthy church from the start with the added benefit of providing a map for their spiritual healing journey based on wisdom from family systems and clergy observations and experience? I think that most people come to a church and have no idea that this kind of growth arc is possible (and that the church can provide a container for it) – they just need a place to dump their pain and anxiety and don’t realize that they’re acting in predictable and exhausting ways. Maybe some people wouldn’t be receptive to change nor have the bandwidth and self-awareness to grow, but *maybe* something could shift for others if they knew from the start what might come up for them, what the church can provide, and how to grow in self, spirit, and discernment if they stay the course.

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Love your insight and if I may. I like what you call a growth arc, and the only way I believe this arc can grow is to surrender to God fully, all in, no looking back.

People tell me I have a great gift to be able to talk to people wherever they are and that I’m outgoing etc. Well I used to be so shy and now in my 60’s the Holy Spirit has helped me to spread my wings.

The love for the Holy Spirit is so contagious and available to all.

I pray that there will be a Spiritual revival starting first within all denominations and that this wildfire would then spread outside our buildings.

Amen amen come Holy Spirit come.

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Incite it, demand it, fake it until you feel it. Whatever it takes people to hold onto it. Forget all the small personal grievances of the orchard and long live your fruit.

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